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Palacký University, Olomouc

Palacký University (the abbreviation UP means „Univerzita Palackého“ in Czech) consists of eight faculties:

The University evolved from its origin as a Jesuit seminary in 1573 and is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. Until its closing in 1860 the University participated in the advancement of the education of students from different countries. In 1946 the University in Olomouc was re-established as Palacký University. At present almost 20,000 students are studying at the university and about 1300 teachers, scientific researchers and other employees work there.

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Why Palacký?

František Palacký (1798 – 1876), known as „the father of the nation“, was a national revivalist and an outstanding Czech historian of the nineteenth century. He also participated in the Czech social and political life of the mid-nineteenth century, he was also a scientist, critic and aesthetician. To honour his achievements and his contribution to Czech culture, the university in Olomouc was named after him in 1946.

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