Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Univerzita Palackého, Olomouc
Welcome to the MUUP.EU website!
(Say “moopeeyoo“, isn't it lovely?)

What are the main reasons of its beginning?

  • First, to inform you more about one particular part of co-operation between Miami University and Palacky University (see Summer) and find more people for the project at schools.
  • Second, to put all suitable and inspiring sites and contacts together for your use to help you to decide to go and study in the Czech Republic.
  • Third, to build a less formal platform for you to get in touch with all the people involved in the project.
As a basic contact person for all that you want to know is
Mr. Howard Blanning.

Looking forward to you joining us next year!

We will appreciate your ideas, interesting tips for links, photos, questions, whatever connected with design or technical problems of this site, please, contact our webmaster.
(You know, we generally use the Bill Gates's stuff in the Czech Republic.)