Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Univerzita Palackého, Olomouc

Useful contacts put together:

Feel free to get in touch with us! We will be happy to hear from you.

Howard Blanning
(+420) 731 955 527
(+1) 513 884 5649
Coordinator of the Czech field studies at Miami University

Yvona Vyhnankova
(+420) 585 631 041
Head of the International Relations Office at Palacky University

Jana Pechackova
Coordinator of the project at Czech schools
and webmaster of this website.

Important university links:

Miami University

Reciprocal Exchange programs at MU

Palacky University

International Relations Office at PU

Institutions etc.:

Official sites with huge amount of facts, photos, etc.

Official website of the Czech Republic
Did you know that Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is planning on a candidacy for the Summer Olympic Games in 2016 or 2020? This is an ideal site if you want to know more about our country.

Embassy of the USA in Prague
(+420) 257 022 000
We think this link might be for some of you more trustful. A lot of interesting stuff.

(+420) 158
(+420) 112

Welcome to the Czech Republic!
Another site about our country for change, e.g. learn more about our input to the World Cultural Heritage.

Regional information server
You can find a lot of valuable information in English and nice pictures (a virtual city tour and internet zoo tour are included!)

Czech Internet periodics in English:

The Prague Post
A selection of articles that have been printed in The Prague Post, a weekly newspaper published in the Czech Republic.

Czech Happenings
Lates home and economic news presented by The Czech News Agency, which is the Czech national news and information agency trusted with providing objective and complex information for the free formation of opinions.


Weather Forcast
There are other weather sites but this link provides you with info of the weather in Olomouc in Fahrenhait..

Temperature converter
It isn´t so hard to transfer F to C but why – we have the Internet!

The Czech Language
For those who want some brief, but serious information about the Czech language.

Wikipedia about Czech language
If you aren't fed up with our little hooks (carons or inverted circumflexes) and want to learn more…