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Possibilities of study for a semester at Palacky University

The Faculty of Physical Culture (in Czech „Fakulta tělesné kultury UP“)

The faculty was established in 1991 and is one of the most important institutions with this orientation in the Czech Republic. It plays a significant role in the education of P.E. teachers for all types of schools, scientific researchers, and other specialists in the area of physical culture. More than 2000 students are presently studying at the faculty.

For the undergraduates, besides P. E. teaching, the faculty offers programmes in adapted physical education, leisure studies/recreology, and physiotherapy.
A very attractive part of the faculty curriculum is kinanthropology in the postgraduate study programme.

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The Pedagogical Faculty (in Czech „Pedagogická fakulta UP“)

The faculty offers full-time, part-time and individual studies within the bachelor's, magister’s and doctoral degree programmes. There are also continuing education programmes (fee-based study) in several forms of study.

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