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On this page you will find in random order different stuff of information about the Czech culture and life according to Howard's and Jana's choice.


If you are a classical music fan, I am sure you know the names of Antonín Dvořák or Leoš Janáček but we Czechs usually name Bedřich Smetana to be our number one composer.

Hopefully, you can hear now "Vltava" (The Moldau), the best known part of his cycle of nationalistic symfonic poems called "Má vlast" (My Country).
If you like it and want to listen to it all in a better quality, you can download it from here (14MB).

More about Smetana

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Art Neuvou

If you are interested in art neuvou, you will find a lot of marvellous buildings and works of art in our country, especially in Prague. Alfons Mucha, the top art neuvou designer and artist was Czech (spending part of his life in Paris) and his museum in Prague you can't miss during your visit there. Just peep into the following links.
Art nouveau
Art nouveau/czech
Alfons Mucha

Czech cuisine

Potato soup, garlic soup, traditional roast pork or duck with dumplings and sauerkraut, fruit filled dumplings, or apple strudel – these are probably the most typical and popular meals of Czech cuisine. Actually, our habits have been shifting to more healthy way of cooking. On the other hand we have been fighting with the new fast food lifestyle.
Try the link below for more details of meals and eating in CR.
My Czech Republic
Eating in CR


We are sure you aren't surprised by this entry, are you? If yes, so after visiting the following link you won't be because the historical dates and statistics are convincing.


Actually, we are sorry we can't provide you with a sample that could be downloaded here. Well, you must come!